Do you know about the new Active Tourism activities offered by Open Air Spa in Atzaró?!


From this month, Atzaró and Open Air Spa open more their doors and facilities to an Ibiza full of experiences and wonderful landscapes, both in the sea and in the mountains, in summer and during the winter, enjoying a multifaceted island, sportive, natural, holistic, sustainable, adventurous and culturally exciting.


Here are the activities we propose:


  1. LAND:From the trekking outlining the mountains, valleys and coasts of Ibiza, mountain biking with motor, combined with typical gastronomy tastings, and professional climbing in unique enclaves of the island. As exclusive products ofOpen Air we recommend you the “Ethnobotanical Trekking”, where you can recognize the local aromatic and medicinal plants, or our workshops on “How to have your vegetable garden at home” or “Visit a traditional farm”, to learn about the local flora and taste some of its varieties.


  1. WATER: Like a fish in the water we will dive into the most fun activities to know the island from the sea: kayaking, snorkeling and cliff jumping. You can see how beautiful the island is from the sea, get into one of its caves and see wonderful Posidonia landscapes underwater, full of marine life.


  1. MULTIAVENTURA:The best, to combine everything!! Depending on the season of the year you can choose different options. Now in summer we recommend kayaking + snorkeling + cliff jumping, and in winter adding trekking, you will not want the adventure to end!


  1. AIR:There is still one more “Ibiza”… the one seen from the sky in a balloon! Accompanied by a gentle breeze and an absolute silence full of peace and unforgettable sensations by the sight of a bird…


  1. RELAX:Combine all these sportive options with a well-deserved rest. Add to your activities a few hours of wellness in our spa: Balinese beds, sauna and swimming pool, a yoga class to stretch or a revitalizing massage to finish the day pampering you in the best hands.


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There are adventures for all: friends, families, couples …. All of them with the maximum security, accompanied by our specialized monitors, with organic and healthy bio-picnic, and photographic report, also under the water. Experiences carried by unforgettable memories.


Come and enjoy it with us!!