PRANA by Atzaró, the ultimate adventure

Prana – The Ultimate Luxury Yacht by Atzaro


Sail Indonesia

The Atzaro team who brought you beautiful places to stay in Ibiza have journeyed beyond the Mediterranean to bring you a unique luxury sailing experience. Prana sails the eastern edges of the Indonesian archipelago exploring some of the remotest islands on earth.

Atzaro is well known in Europe for combining the rich flavour of tradition with a bountiful dash of contemporary flair. Moreover, this theme now runs throughout their glorious hospitality whether you choose to stay with them in the East or in the West.


Rich traditions run deep – Europe to Asia

The original Atzaro offering is situated on the family orange farm which has been elegantly converted, complete withhandsome Ibithencan architecture and authentic whitewashed walls. This property has been in the Atzaro family for generations and is much more than a hotel.

Similarly, Prana’s design and construction are invested with more than its fair share of history. It is built in the tradition of the Phinisi which is an authentic Indonesian 2 masted sailing vessel constructed from ironwood and teak.


Atzaro – Explore, dream and discover

In 2016 the Atzaro team explored the eastern islands of Indonesia onboard a traditional Phinisi and fell in love with the style and history of this exceptional vessel and the unusual islands they visited.

This inspired them to build Prana which at 55 metres is the largest and most luxurious liveaboard currently sailing this part of the world. They saw that this project could offer their clientele something extraordinary. In a nutshell, Atzaro is passionate about making beautiful things for beautiful people so that together everyone can make unforgettable memories.


The Phinisi yacht – queen of the ocean

The Phinisi is a traditional 2 masted sailing ship originally crafted by the master seafarers known as the Bugis people in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. These stunning vessels look a little like the Arabian Dow and are thought to have been around since before 1500. Technically, the term Phinisi actually refers to the rig itself and in particular to the usual gaff-ketch type of rig. These boats were originally used for both transport and cargo and are practical as well as remarkably graceful.

Prana, like all Phinisi, was built in accordance with archaic rituals which must be faithfully observed at each stage of construction. This includes an initial ceremony to choose and cut the ironwood trees which form the keel. Only when these rituals have been performed can the timber be taken from the forest to the shore.

Here it is cut into enormous planks to form the humble foundations that bear Prana and it’s likeinto being. When this has been completed the boats are moved from the beach to boat building yards. At each stage of the building process, the craftsmen bless their work.

UNESCO recognised the Phinisi yacht as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in December 2017.


Living onboard Prana

Living onboard Prana is an experience in itself. Every area has been expertly crafted, insulated and elegantly decorated with gorgeous tactile fabrics. A sensual blend of old and new pervades the décor and gives a depth of indulgence unique to this luxury Phinisi yacht.

Furthermore, Prana offers guests more space and comfort across 4 decks and 9 exquisite suites than any other luxury liveaboard sailing these waters. Onboard guests will discover unlimited watersports, a dedicated spa, a cinema under the stars and a yoga deck.

With all of this entertainment, you will not want to leave the boat to explore!

  • Wakeboards
  • Water-skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Paddleboards

Furthermore, the service whether it is in the spa or at the dining table is performed with the finesse of the Atzaro brand. So, while you explore the wilds of Indonesia you can return to your floating 5-star hotel and relax in total comfort. This yacht is so much more than a luxury dive charter.


Cruise Komodo, Banda, Raja Ampat and Alor

Prana voyages around the uncharted Eastern islands of Indonesia.  Spot dolphins and birds of paradise or trek up spectacular volcanic islands and make friends with the welcoming locals.

One of the main reasons that people choose to travel to this location is due to the extraordinary wealth of marine life and the pristine coral gardens. The scuba diving and snorkelling especially in Komodo and Raja Ampat is nothing short of legendary.

Atzaro have suggested destinations and itineraries but ultimately Prana is your playground and you have the freedom to choose the finer features of your route. Some of these places are better to visit at certain times of year because of the changes in the weather and tides.

Although each destination has it’s with own inimitable flavour each offers up a veritable gold mine of marine life, history, culture and wilderness making this a real once in a lifetime experience.


Prans’s Crew

A key part of what makes the experience onboard Prana so exceptional is largely due to the superb international crew. Our European cruise director and Indonesian captain assisted by their diverse team ensure an easy flow of enticing activities. Local knowledge and western standards are perfectly combined to bring you an unforgettable journey with incomparable service.

The 18 strong crew include:  Captain, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate, Chief Engineer, 2 Assistant Engineers, Chef, Assistant Chef, Chief Steward, 2 Stewards, 3 Deckhands, 2 Masseuses, Dive Instructor and Cruise Director.


Book a full charter or by the cabin

Prana can be hired as a full charter for large parties or can be booked by the suite. The boat is also perfectly configured for retreats, corporate events and wellness activities.Moreover, there are usually some great offers available.

For further details about Prana’s facilities, destinations and how to book a voyage, please follow this link to the Prana website.