Atzaró, a story of beauty

Today is a good day to write about beauty. The beauty of sensations, feelings or the beauty of the peace. And that’s what I feel when I go into the Atzaró’s world: a beauty that makes our eyes align with our soul.

My name Yolanda, I’m Atzaro’s marketing and strategy manager . Years off the island to return with a beautiful project. To put in value this beauty for you all. To capture the Atzaró spirit so present in every corner, and translated it into words and images for you to travel to this natural and living world. As a book with chapters. Atzaró world is a book written in poetry or a painting in green, mauve and white. Atzaró smells countryside, flowers, and water. In Atzaró you can get lost and enjoy the peace contemplate yourself as the gentle rhythm of the hours you swaying to the rhythm of the day. Eat breakfast, read, practice yoga, eat lunch or dinner always that feeling of being surrounded by beauty and serenity.