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The Vegetable Garden

The Vegetable Garden at Atzaró is a magnificent three-hectare organic horticultural experience rooted in nature

An orange tree lined pathway leads you from the terrace of the hotel’s restaurant to the entrance of The Vegetable Garden at Atzaró.

The Vegetable Garden, a vast three-hectare, perfectly designed garden delight with Olive and Cypress tree lined walkways, wooden arches and pergolas strewn with climbing and tumbling vegetables, fountains, beautiful romantic sitting areas and large vegetable patches. The garden bursts with the beauty of nature’s abundance, celebrating the appreciation of vegetables, life and the appetite for connection to nature and the wellness it brings.

Walkways and pergolas with hanging squashes and courgettes, fig trees laden with fruits, colourful vegetable rows, every corner and space full of nature’s beauty. Passion fruits, apples, avocados, papayas, lemons, pomegranates, limes and oranges, cucumbers, lettuces, tomatoes and herbs, they all create a warmed glow to the heart. The walkways taking you on a sensory journey through the vegetables and herbs, lead you through a scented garden featuring climbing roses, cascading bougainvillaea and jasmine, then water features, an ornamental pond with ducks, a tree shaded bar, rustic wood kitchen, leading to a central large palm tree framed open grass area for perfect upscale country-chic weddings, luxury picnics with hampers, rugs, china and champagne and an open air cinema at night.

The vast 3-hectare horticultural experience is also home to 200 solar panels which generate the power supply for the Atzaró Vegetable Garden and the whole hotel. The purest of water supplies comes from the on site well. The nature derived water and electricity make Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel sustainable, in line with its concept and ethos, respecting the climate and environment.

The Vegetable Garden, entirely organic, planted with internal eco-systems, water from the estate’s well and electricity from the on-site solar panels,  produces seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and botanicals providing ingredients for the hotel’s restaurants and nourishing the farm to fork food concept. Atzaró is rooted in farming, with generations of the same family working the land and now too with the present owner, Atzaró’s visitors can enjoy this connection, this understanding, as part of a unique luxury travel experience, at one with nature.

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