Atzaró Activities & Services

Discover Ibiza and connect with the nature of the island with the Atzaró activities

The range of activities available with Atzaró help you discover more of the nature of Ibiza in the most interesting ways with nature walking, biking, horse riding, climbing, kayaking, snorkelling, boats and even hot air balloon.

Nature Walking

Explore authentic Ibiza, its countryside, mountains and coastline with guided nature walking. The little-known untouched landscape of the island is best discovered on foot. Woodland pathways and winding cliff trails, pine-clad hills, untouched secret beaches and coves are waiting to be experienced with the guide leading the way. Correct walking footwear is necessary.


Enjoy a guided biking tour with either mountain or electric bikes and discover another side to the island. Routes tailored to ability and request take you through beautiful valleys, up mountains, through quiet lanes or along coastal tracks, exhilarating or enchanting you along the way. Helmets are provided and correct shoes are recommended.


Visit tranquil waters and untouched coastline with a guided Ibiza kayaking tour. Discover crystal clear waters, remote coves and unobtainable beaches as you paddle the waves at a gentle pace, taking in nature’s beauty where the sea meets the land. Kayaking is guided and with the latest equipment and lifejackets.


Atzaró offers you the chance to visit and explore the coastlines of Ibiza and Formentera in luxury with a choice of boats. Ideal for day cruises and excursions exploring the Ibiza coastline or trips to the neighbouring island of Formentera.

Hot Air Balloon

Experience Ibiza from a completely different point of view, up, up and away in a hot air balloon. This ultimate flying trip is a luxury to not miss, floating above the treetops and seeing all the beauty of the island beneath is something you will never forget. Always starting in the stillness of summer early mornings, the stillness, drifting up above the landscape is truly magical. Comfortable footwear is necessary and it is not recommended for small children.

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