Atzaró Fundraising

Atzaró Fundraising is a non-profit association dedicated to helping those in need in Ibiza

Atzaró Fundraising is a non-profit association formed to support local charities and environmental organisations in Ibiza. Through a percentage of takings at Atzaró events, funds are raised to benefit those most in need locally and then distributed by the association’s charitable partners.


Cáritas is an educational programme training people at risk of social exclusion. It offers these people free and quarterly courses in languages, computer science, literacy, domestic work, communication, etc, in different basic levels. The Betania Cáritas social-educational centre was created at the end of the 90’s for the new residents of the area of Ca Serres Ibiza, who were largely gypsies and immigrants from the mainland and offers them various community services.

Those who benefit are people in situations of social exclusion with lack of economic resources and training in social and work skills, with low employability and referred by the social services of municipalities and other Cáritas programmes.

Plataforma SocioSanitaria de las Pitiusas

The ‘Plataforma SocioSanitaria de las Pitiusas’ platform is a space where seventeen social and health associations work, cooperate and support. It is a place to meet the needs of groups at risk of social exclusion in Ibiza and Formentera.

The objectives  are to give support and support to the associations that form it.
Promote the creation of specific resources and services for the benefit of partnerships, training, orientation and coordination of associations and their volunteers, share ideas and experiences and encourage association and voluntary participation for Pitiusa society.

Juntos Project

Juntos is focused on the support of children with cancer. This project involves occupational workshops in hospitals, games and play which are essential elements for the development of children and adolescents which usually disappear when they enter hospital. Juntos project strives to create spaces where for play, fun and where the children can forget about the hospital routine for a moment, an environment away from doctors and parents, with activities, learning, to escape.

In 2016, we renovated the Pediatrics playroom at the Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza so that the children and adolescents admitted have a space to have fun and relax. In it, patients enjoy daily workshops and activities carried out by volunteers, as well as the company of other children of their age.

Vicente Ferrer Foundation

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation is an NGO committed to the transformation of some of the poorest areas of India, the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, helping the most vulnerable and at risk in those communities, including Dalit, tribal groups and disadvantaged castes.

An example of their work is to help Anantapur physically and mentally disabled athletes participate in the Special Olympics, thus helping them gain social recognition and wellbeing. This has been integrated into the Foundation’s Sports and Disability programme since 2010.

The Foundation is a humanistic helping organisation. This kind of development has provided an exemplary model for foundations. Since 2014, Atzaró Fundraising has held charity dinners in October to help raise funds and promote the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Oceanic Global Foundation

Oceanic Global honours humanity’s essential relationship with the ocean. They empower behaviour that protects the ocean’s health and in turn, everyone’s. They raise awareness of the devastating effects of human consumption on the aquatic ecosystems and work with leading scientists, conservationists, artists, and industry experts to drive positive change.

Oceanic Global Foundation Ibiza was designed to transport participants through the depths of the ocean. The immersive content showed the natural beauty of the ocean and the destructive impact plastic has had, as well as providing awareness.

July 20 2017, Oceanic Global Foundation presented its first series of immersive city-by-city experiences at Agroturismo Atzaró Ibiza. The Oceanic Ibiza event was a cultural, artistic and inspiring experience. They brought together musicians, celebrities, speakers, institutions, NGOs and brands to generate awareness. Oceanic Ibiza recycles plastic for ocean regeneration and all proceeds were donated to Ibiza initiatives.