Massage & treatments

Experience the Atzaró Massages and Treatments to relax, invigorate or float away

The Atzaró Massages and Treatments are renowned on the island as some of the best to relax, invigorate and float away. With a wide range of techniques and organic Atzaró-grown plant-based products in treatment rooms of quality natural materials with orange grove views, you will love the experience.

Atzaró Integration Massage 50’ / 80’
Atzaró massage, inspired by Swedish, Balinese and Thai techniques with relaxing lavender and camomile oil

Atzaró Deep Tissue Massage 50’ 
Decontracting massage with energising rosemary and mint oil

Healing Massage 50’ 
Massage with reiki healing for body & mind with relaxing lavender and camomile oil

Detox Massage 50’ 
Lymphatic system focused massage with purifying eucalyptus and rosemary oil. Helps reduce abdominal bloating, body water retention and increase legs circulation

Tired Legs Massage 40’ 
Relaxing and decontracting legs massage with energising rosemary and mint oil

Thai Massage 90’
Therapeutic massage with pressure and stretching

Atzaró Hot & Cold Stone Massage 90’
Atzaró massage combined with hot and cold stones

Reflexology 50’
Massage and pressure on the reflex points of the feet

Reiki Healing 50’
Energetic therapy that helps regulating the vital energy. Laying on of hands healing, not massage

Atzaró Body Treatment 80’
Exfoliating and wrapping treatment with organic Atzaró spa products

Ayurvedic Champi Treatment 50’
Ayurvedic head and shoulders massage

Ayurvedic Massage 90’
Ayurvedic full body massage

Sun Care Ritual 80’ 
Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin and Bamboo treatment with body scrub and wrapping

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