Ottolenghi at Atzaró

Special Sharing Dinner Evening with Yotam Ottolenghi in the Atzaró Vegetable Garden

Saturday August 10 – 20:00

We were delighted to welcome back Yotam Ottolenghi for a very special evening in the Vegetable Garden at Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel.

Ottolenghi at Atzaró in the vast Atzaró Vegetable Garden this August 10, was with a five course sharing dinner prepared by Yotam Ottolenghi and his team, drinks, a signed Ottolenghi book, live music, entertainment and a chance to meet the internationally renowned chef.

Welcome Drinks, 5 Course Ottolenghi Sharing Dinner, Drinks, Live Music, Flamenco Show, Signed Ottolenghi Book

255€ pp

this is a sharing-style experience, bookings of 4, 6, or more are recommended to enjoy the feast of  abundant plates at long wooden tables

Yotam Ottolenghi is an internationally acclaimed chef, restaurateur, and food writer, with world-wide bestselling cookbooks amongst his achievements. He has become one of the globe’s most influential food talents, with his ingredient-rich abundant and colourful cuisine, with roots in the Middle East and Mediterranean.

His commitment to the championing of vegetables, as well as ingredients once seen as exotic has led to what some call ‘The Ottolenghi effect’. This is shorthand for the creation of a meal which is full of colour, flavour, bounty, and sunshine.

Ottolenghi, the chef-patron of the Ottolenghi deli and restaurant group is now a household name across the world. Originally from Jerusalem, Yotam’s wealth of experience and culture translates through to his delicious food and we are privileged to be able to welcome him to Atzaró with this very special dinner experience, in the Atzaró Vegetable Garden.

The Ottolenghi at Atzaró dinner and evening is to be a sharing, community feeling event, where everyone is encouraged to come together and share in the abundance of life, vegetable-rich food made with love, nature, connection, at the authentic heart of Ibiza.

Amongst the vegetable patches, walkways and plazas of the magnificent 3-hectare organic garden, the evening will start with welcome drinks and music under the giant umbrella pine tree. Then the uplifting scene will move to the open-air atmospheric palm tree and tumbling plant framed garden plaza, where beautifully decorated long wooden tables await you for an introduction to the evening by Yotam Ottolenghi himself.

The organic ingredients for the 5-course sharing dinner will be freshly picked from the Atzaró Vegetable Garden, non-vegetable elements locally sourced, with a complementary selection of local wines. The dishes have been lovingly created by Yotam Ottolenghi and his team to be a perfect union of Ottolenghi and Atzaró with his unmistakeable style.

As the evening continues, you will be entertained by traditional flamenco, have a chance to meet Ottolenghi and will receive a signed copy of Yotam’s bestselling cookbook ‘Flavour’.

This is a very special evening in the Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel calendar and something not to be missed – Ottolenghi at Atzaró.

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