Atzaró Ibiza massage

We all love massages. Children also. Even in a baby we can notice the relaxing effect of having your skin massaged. Who doesn`t remember having their belly massaged by her grandmother as a kid to get rid of a stomach ache. And it worked!

There are as many benefits as different types of massages: Swedish, Thai, Tsiatsu, Ayurbedic,… today we are going to have a look at the basic one, the relaxing massage.

In Atzaró we call it Atzaró Integration massage, because of it`s fusion of techniques. It is a full body massage, starting with the back and legs, ending with the arms, neck and face.

Relaxation is not the only benefit, let’s comment on some more:

  • Atzaró Integration massage loosens up your muscles and relieves tensions; we will notice more flexibility in the legs and back.
  • Massaging your blood vessels improves blood and lymphatic circulation, preventing varicose veins, cellulitis…
  • Friction helps to eliminate toxins and dead cells from your skin.
  • A relaxing massage decreases your cortisol levels ( A hormone we liberate when under stress), therefore a good remedy against anxiety and depression
  • You will feel good, in a better mood. After a good massage, which makes you liberate endorphins (the hormone of happiness) you will see things in a brighter light.
  • Strengthens your immune system. Long stressing periods affect our natural defenses and weakens you, often making you ill. Receiving massages regularly helps your immune and endocrine system, preventing you from falling sick.
  • Relaxing massages reduce muscle tension, relieves headaches and helps you to sleep at night.
  • Receiving a face and hair massage, makes your face skin more radiant and your hair brighter.

The benefits of a massage are greater if complemented with a healthy diet, physical exercise and enough rest. It is ideal to perform them in a nice, quiet surrounding at an adequate temperature and with quality oils

At Atzaró spa we take care of every detail in order to make every massage a unique experience. Open all year, everyday of the week, there is no excuse not to try… We are waiting for you!

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