Oceanic x Ibiza, at Atzaró On July 20th

On July 20th 2017 at 18hs! Oceanic Global Foundation presents its first city-by-city immersive experience series, at Atzaró Agroturismo Ibiza.

A conscious event for our ocean, Oceanic x Ibiza will be a thoroughly cultural, artistic and inspirational experience. It will unite top musicians, celebrities, conservationists, institutions, NGOs and brands, transcending the barriers of language and human diversity to create a universal voice for our ocean.
Oceanic x Ibiza is designed to transport participants through the depths of our ocean. Immersive content on-site will juxtapose the natural beauty of our ocean with the destructive impact of plastic and seafood consumption, as well as provide the Oceanic community with engaging solution for restoring ocean health.

“Oceanic works on the recycling as a way to regenerate the ocean. Art Work, Fashion using plastic as material”

All the profits are donated to local initiatives in Ibiza.



Speaker Series:
Oceanic x Ibiza’s on-site speaker series will feature talks and panel discussions on ocean-related issues from over 20 leading conservationists from around the world. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Adrian Grenier,Actor & Co-Founder of Lonely Whale
  • Susan Rockefeller, Oceana Board Member
  • Manu San Felix, National Geographic Photographer
  • David Katz, Plastic Bank Founder
  • Petter Malvik from the United Nations Clean Seas Campaign.

Art Installations:

including Alvaro Soler Arpa, Jorges P. Bruges, Soundwalk Collective, Roseline de Thelin
Artists and Marc Osmo will all display work that draws attention to the issues impacting our oceans.

Students from New York’s Parsons School of Design will also showcase fashion fabricated from up cycled plastics during the festival’s programming.

Experiencing the Next Wave in Technology:

Leveraging immersive technology as an innovative means of engagement, Oceanic Global will display 10 Augmented Reality experiences as well as 360 virtual reality stations at the venue. All original content is developed in partnership with Oceanic Global’s scientific advisory board.

Children’s Activities:

A designated children’s section on-site will feature a live performance and audience interactions by Oceanic Global’s Broadway-show partner, Goldfish from Pluto.

Ibiza’s local Morna Valley School will display a 12-meter-long art-piece constructed from plastic water bottles recycled as part of Oceanic Global’s ocean education curriculum.

Ocean Global has invited 20 international and local businesses on the forefront of sustainable innovation to present their goods at the festival. Their wares highlight solutions in the spaces of food, fashion, technology, and consumer goods. Standout brands include Eivissa Sal de Vida, Corona x Parley and Cleanwater

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