THE INNER STATE CLEANSE RETREAT by Kelly Morgan & Dr Amy Rachelle

From 17th to 21st of January at Atzaró


Beautiful Inner, Detox & Beauty work. Sometimes, locking ourselves away is the best medicine for all the ails that haunt us. So that’s what we do on The Inner State Retreat. And once we’ve spent our lovely four days together, in our fave place, Ibiza, you’ll wake up to ALL that your heart has desired for so long. And its end will be the start of a brand new you and a brand new view, long after you return home. Start the year shining!


PRICE: 1.574€



  • 4 nights / 5 days
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dr Amy Rachelle’s detox program
  • 6 Steps To Your Sexy Self by Dr. Amy
  • Yoga
  • Soft-touch healing Chiropractic Therapies
  • Trekking and excursions
  • Access to the spa
  • Group inspirational workshops
  • Coaching personal sessions
  • Sharing circles
  • Detox guidance and support
  • OPTIONAL: Transfers and Spa treatments



Kelly Morgan has led retreats for more than 5 years, serving more than 1000 people and, following her experience, this is the program that has CREATED FOR YOU, unifying all her knowledge. This retreat for 10 special guests includes:



  • Natural Raw detox-cleanse of juices and raw foods, with a choice to make take it easy or go for a medium or advanced challenge.
  • Healing therapy adjustments so that you can get back in touch with the REAL YOU and discover, breakthrough and integrate what you wish for in 2018. It will help you to grow, learn more about yourself and make the right decisions for you. You will feel amazed and you will do it in beautiful locations in touch with nature – the first one is under the stars!
  • Holistic nutrition. Gain an in-depth raw food and detox education. Personal to professional, help yourself while helping others, for livelihood – or just for the love of it.
  • Practical coaching workshops so that you can do your inner work – these will help you to really connect to your true authentic self, have the courage to be YOU, and cultivate the right beliefs and mindset to achieve your desires in 2018
  • You will love the island and activities will be outside so that you can enjoy it’s wonders and really get into the Ibiza healing vibe. You will go on a hike through pine countryside where you will be off the beaten track, enjoy beautiful beaches ever and do yoga surrounded by nature. This will enable you to really relax as your body let’s go of the stresses and you enjoy just being in such a beautiful location.